Positive Impact

Doing is better than talking

We are committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate at both local and international levels. We approach our CSR programme in a deliberate, well-structured and meaningful way.

Every year, we undertake specific projects which we believe make a significant tangible difference to the chosen cause. While we provide financial assistance to these projects, we also encourage our people to engage directly in them and allocate time for them to do so. We also provide matched funding for each approved fundraising activity by individual staff members.

We have a strong conviction that "doing is better than talking" and our CSR structure is designed with this in mind. It comprises a Steering Group of staff volunteers who determine the focus of effort every year and the distribution of the annual fund allocated by the company to CSR. We focus on two priority areas: projects involving children and those involving education, both overseas and in Ireland.

Contributing to the less fortunate in our community is very important to our staff around the world.

ESG Strategy 

We believe aircraft leasing will have an increasingly influential role in the future of the industry, and in particular on the critical issue of sustainability - Peter Barrett, Chief Executive Officer, SMBC Aviation Capital 

Visit our dedicated ESG site here - SMBC Aviation Capital - Taking our environmental responsibility seriously. 

Read our ESG strategy below:

Foundation partnership with BYC

In 2019, we announced our legacy project with BYC, a charity which provides comprehensive youth services to disadvantaged children and teens in the North East Inner City (NEIC).

BYC received funding from SMBC Aviation Capital, to undertake a transformational legacy project in its facility based in Dublin 1. SMBC Aviation Capital has donated €710,000 to the initiative over a three year period. The funding has helped facilitate refurbishment works and the creation of a hub for restorative practice in Ireland.

BYC provides homework facilities, a recreational space for sport, art and drama and a hot meal for between 70 – 90 children and teenagers daily. The charity was originally set up by Belvedere School over 100 years ago, but is now run independently.


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Continuing partnership with LauraLynn

LauraLynn is one of SMBC Aviation Capital's main charity partners and recently we funded their Technology upgrade within the hospice.

The professional care staff at LauraLynn rely on a variety of technologies, hardware and software to enable and enhance the work they do with children and families who avail of their services.

We have a strong relationship with LauraLynn that includes ongoing staff participation in fundraising and volunteering activities and financial support for new projects.


Open Arms Malawi

In conjunction with Open Arms Malawi, we have funded and helped build, a weekday hostel for girls so they can attend school without threats to their safety, two nursery feeding stations and we have funded a new vehicle to help Open Arms with their community outreach programme. Since 2016, ten of our employees have, each year, travelled to Malawi to assist with the construction of a new project, with the support of the company and their colleagues.



The SUAS paired reading project is one that is at the heart of our CSR activity.

Did you know that one in ten children in Ireland has serious difficulties with literacy and in some disadvantaged schools, this rises to one in three children?

SUAS has helped over 3,300 children from the most disadvantaged communities in Ireland to improve their literacy skills through one-to-one mentoring and learning materials and our volunteers have helped achieve some great results through the time and effort they have put in to this project.


Lifelong learning and professional training with TCPID

We have a successful partnership with the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID).

Situated within the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin, TCPID aims to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in education and society. Their mission is to enable people with intellectual disabilities, develop their potential through a combination of high quality research, dissemination of new knowledge, lifelong learning and professional training.


A proud partner of the National Gallery of Ireland

Following the recent refurbishment and reopening of the historic wings, the National Gallery of Ireland has re-launched its Corporate Partnership Programme and is delighted to welcome SMBC Aviation Capital, one of the world’s leading aircraft leasing companies, as the first to join since the re-opening.

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