Doing is better than talking

We are committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate at both local and international levels. We approach our CSR programme in a deliberate, well-structured and meaningful way.

Every year, we undertake specific projects which we believe make a significant tangible difference to the chosen cause. While we provide financial assistance to these projects, we also encourage our people to engage directly in them and allocate time for them to do so. We also provide matched funding for each approved fundraising activity by individual staff members.

We have a strong conviction that "doing is better than talking" and our CSR structure is designed with this in mind. It comprises a Steering Group of staff volunteers who determine the focus of effort every year and the distribution of the annual fund allocated by the company to CSR. We focus on two priority areas: projects involving children and those involving education, both overseas and in Ireland.

Contributing to the less fortunate in our community is very important to our staff around the world.

In conjunction with Open Arms Malawi, we built a weekday hostel for girls so they can attend school without threats to their safety. In June 2016 and again in June 2017, ten of our employees travelled to Malawi to assist with the construction of a new hostel, with the support of the company and their colleagues.

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For the past nine years, we have supported the annual Aer Lingus Regional Santa Express which flies over 100 children attending Our Lady's Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, to visit Santa, along with siblings, parents and hospital staff.

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We are a corporate sponsor of the Suas Literacy Support Programme which provides literacy support for 8-14 year olds attending DEIS schools in Dublin's inner city. Staff members are also actively engaged in the project as mentors in the Paired Reading programme.

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These are some other projects we have been involved with to date