We are a leading global aircraft leasing company focusing on acquiring, leasing, managing and selling commercial aircraft. As at 30 September 2019, we had an owned, managed and committed portfolio of 717 aircraft with 83 customers in 37 countries. Our strategy is to invest in the most liquid, investor friendly assets with continuous trading through the cycle. This strategy has resulted in a portfolio that is comprised entirely of Airbus A320 CEO and NEO family, Airbus A350 aircraft, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737 Max 8 and Boeing 787 aircraft, the highest concentration of such high quality liquid assets among the top ten largest lessors globally, with a weighted average fleet age of 4.2 years.

The characteristics of our owned and committed fleet reflect one of the most disciplined approaches to aircraft acquisition in the aircraft leasing industry allowing us to minimise earnings volatility and enhance risk-adjusted returns. We will continue to utilise our stable funding base and competitive cost of capital to take advantage of market conditions to acquire asset types that have a strong level of appeal to airlines, financiers and investors.

We provide a leading industry standard for efficient, practical and effective risk and portfolio management, which has been tried and tested through various economic cycles. The success of our risk management framework is evidenced by our minimal repossession history, low levels of overdue payments and the high utilisation of our fleet.

Our senior management team has worked together over the last 17 years to successfully guide our company through two industry economic cycles and the sale of the business.

We are strategically important to our shareholder’s vision to become a global financial group due to its track record of generating consistent profitable U.S. dollar based returns from a diversified, global customer base. While our shareholders will continue to be our primary debt provider a key element of our strategy is to also develop a more diversified range of financing sources for a proportion of our funding requirements. This will provide us with increased flexibility and scale to finance our future growth plans.

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2017 Performance

SMBC Aviation Capital maintains some of the strongest credit ratings in the industry, with an A- Rating from Fitch and an A- rating from Standard and Poor’s (see links below)

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