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SMBC Aviation Capital hosts fifth annual investor seminar in Japan


Tokyo, November 8, 2018: SMBC Aviation Capital, in conjunction with its shareholders, SMBC and SMFL, has hosted its fifth annual investor seminar in Tokyo, Japan. The event attracted its largest attendance to date with over 240 attendees representing JOL investors, JOLCO equity investors, regional Japanese banks and corporate pension funds.

Topics discussed at the seminar included an update on the aviation market, workshops on transitioning aircraft between operators, how and when to sell aircraft and the fundamentals of JOLCO documentation. The seminar also included a panel discussion and Q&A with senior management from SMBC Aviation Capital, SMBC bank and SMFL.

Michael Weiss, Head of Aircraft Trading, SMBC Aviation Capital said, "Aircraft as an asset class continues to grow in popularity for a number of reasons including the predicted growth of air travel, the need for new aircraft to satisfy that demand, and increasing importance of aircraft leasing to the sector over the coming years.

Working alongside our shareholders, Japan continues to be a key area of focus for our offering and is an example of where we can work together with our shareholder to leverage mutual synergies, including the development of innovative financing solutions for our customers to differentiate us in our industry."


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